When seconds count...

  1.     PERFORMANCE - Stroke treatment must be FAST. Every second counts when blood flow and oxygen cuts off to the brain.   
  2.     DIAGNOSIS - A faster diagnosis of blocked arteries will greatly reduce the damage caused by strokes to expressive speech, receptive language, and paralysis. NeuralAI will save lives! 
  3.     FLEXIBILITY - Powerful software into the palm of the doctors hand. Portable and easy to use in any location no matter how remote! 



NeuralAI can be used in the operating room in real time in either image or video mode giving real time analysis during the neuro procedure. NeuralAI guiding doctors to critical parts of the brain damaged by strokes will save lives. Information can be integrated into the live video feed for the neurosurgeon or radiologist to view.


Use the neural matrix included with the app or create your own. NeuralAI allows the user to create their own neural matrix from their own image sets using the training option in the app. 


Analysis is fast and accurate. The neural net engine inside NeuralAI has been used by the DOD to analyze millions of images with an accuracy rate of 98.4% and has been integrated into many of their mission critical applications. Neural AI can find occlusions in distal arteries as small as 1mm. 


Alerts and images are sent to the stroke team in real time alerting them of cerebral vascular occlusions.

NeuralAI Video

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